Rick Armstrong
Senior Product Marketing Manager | TRUSTe

A brand new Trust Seal for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) has been launched today by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and TRUSTe has been announced as an approved Certification Provider.

In June the EDAA launched a pan-European consumer awareness campaign for the OBA Icon and announced TRUSTe as an approved OBA Icon provider. Today’s announcement confirms TRUSTe’s position as the first provider approved by the EDAA to both serve the OBA Icon and issue the EDAA Trust Seal.  This first to market solution will be offered as TRUSTed Ads—EDAA Compliance Package.

Oliver Gray, Director General of the EDAA said:

“We are excited to embark on this new trust phase of the EU Self-Regulatory Programme.  With the approval today of TRUSTe, we look forward to benefiting from their expertise in offering credible certification services to the EU Programme.”

The EDAA Trust Seal (pictured above) is designed to be an easily recognisable symbol for both consumers and businesses alike and enable companies to demonstrate that they meet the standards set out in the European Principles on OBA. 

As an EDAA-approved certification provider, TRUSTe will be responsible for independently assessing company compliance with the European Principles on OBA and issuing the EDAA Trust Seal to companies that can demonstrate that they meet the standards required. The European Principles on OBA will be actively enforced by national self-regulatory organisations (SROs) across Europe based on the consumer complaints they receive.

Independent research by Harris Interactive on behalf of TRUSTe found that 79% of UK consumers are aware of OBA, and 53% did not like it. However, 51% of UK consumers are more inclined to click an ad that provides an opt-out option. Most important, 60% of UK consumers check for a seal that indicates privacy approval by an outside organisation like the EDAA programme.

As the first provider approved by the EDAA to serve the OBA Icon and issue the EDAA Trust Seal, TRUSTe is offering companies the TRUSTed Ads – EDAA Compliance Package. This is a one-stop solution that enables companies to safely collect and use customer data across mobile and desktop, ensure compliance with the European Principles on OBA and empower consumers to control how their information is used online.

TRUSTed Ads is currently serving billions of daily OBA Icon impressions worldwide for some of the world’s top brands and advertisers, and is the only platform to leverage TRUSTe’s number one consumer privacy brand and fifteen years of experience in providing market-leading certification and dispute resolution services.

For details of the requirements on Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers under the EU Self-Regulatory Programme download our free Whitepaper. If you are using Online Behavioural Advertising in the EU market find out more about our TRUSTed Ads – EDAA Compliance Package today.