Dave Deasy
VP Marketing | TRUSTe

Twenty years ago there was no Facebook, no Amazon, cookies were something you stored in a jar and privacy was something people felt able to control themselves.

But with new technologies, came increasing challenges, regulators started to take an interest and there was a real need for ways for consumers to take control of their own privacy again, this time online.

In 1996 at a meeting of the PC Forum the idea of creating an organization to build trust on the internet was discussed for the first time. The next year, TRUSTe was launched and we introduced our globally recognized privacy seal now used by over 5,000 clients across the globe making TRUSTe the number one privacy brand.

But we didn’t stop there.

Just as technological change has occurred at an exponential rate, we have seen rapid change at TRUSTe. In 2008 we transformed into a venture funded for-profit business allowing us to invest significantly in the development of technology products to meet the new privacy needs of the Multi-Channel Era.

Fast forward to 2012 and with over 2 billion internet users worldwide and more smartphones on the planet than people, new privacy challenges were surfacing almost daily. TRUSTe responded yet again with the launch of TRUSTed Mobile Ads, our Consent Platform, and Website Monitoring Service. All of these developments culminated in the launch this year of our Data Privacy Management Platform (DPMP) that allows companies to assess, certify, manage and control data privacy across their entire enterprise.

Throughout this time we have shown that good privacy management practices make a difference – independent research shows 34% of consumers check if a mobile app has a privacy policy, 49% of consumers check websites for a privacy or trust seal, 61% of consumers are more inclined to click on an ad with the option to opt out, 95% of consumers prefer to do business with companies who take steps to protect their privacy online.

Device fingerprinting, real time bidding, Google Glass, Apple’s IDFA are already hitting the headlines in 2013 and creating new privacy challenges. As new technologies are introduced, and new privacy concerns arise, TRUSTe will be there with solutions to help you protect your brand, drive engagement and maintain compliance.

So from the late nineties when the internet was in its infancy to the launch of our Data Privacy Management Platform (DPMP) we continue to help thousands of clients around the globe to Power Trust in the Data Economy.

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