Rick Armstrong, Senior Product Marketing Manager

TRUSTe’s insights into DAA’s mobile regulatory guidelines along with DAA-complaint TRUSTed Ads.

Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) has expanded from desktop and into the realm of mobile and tablet devices.  As a result of this evolution, privacy concerns are on the rise.  TRUSTe issued 2 new consumer research reports this year, the Consumer Privacy Confidence Report (1) and the Consumer Data Privacy Study—Mobile Edition (2), which found that:

  • 7 out of 10 smartphone users are more concerned about their privacy on smartphones than 1 year ago (1)
  • 7 out of 10 consumers do not like the idea of being tracked on their mobile devices (2)
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 consumers will not download an app that they don’t trust (2)

Regulatory bodies have also been taking note of these rising privacy concerns.  In June of this year, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) published the highly anticipated Application of Self-Regulatory Principles to the Mobile Environment.  Similar to the Principles for both desktop and multi-site data, the Mobile Principles outline requirements for both first and third parties around when notice, enhanced notice, access to consumer controls, and prior consent is required.  Also, the Principles fall under the scope of the DAA’s accountability program, which is responsible for enforcement. The Principles focus on:

  • Cross-app data collection
  • Use of precise geo-location data sufficient to physically locate a specific device
  • Personal directory data such as address book and calendar that is created by the consumer, and stored on and accessed through a specific device.

In order to better serve our clients and partners, we made it simple to understand these new principles.  In our whitepaper How to Comply with the DAA Mobile Principles for Cross-App Data Collection, we address the market background, thoroughly explain the specific principles, identify differences to the existing principles, provide company obligations, and deliver a solution.

If you are an advertiser or publisher, OBA impacts your business on all fronts, whether it’s desktop or mobile, and TRUSTe can help you comply through our Data Privacy Management Platform.  We had been anticipating the release of the mobile principles and were first to market with a proven mobile solution launching in April 2012, long before the Principles were published.  As an extension of our desktop platform, which serves billions of daily ad impressions, this solution specifically addresses the unique needs of ad networks, publishers and other data collectors within the mobile environment.

TRUSTed Ads provides cross-platform compliance with:

  • The leading DAA-approved tech platform
  • The only comprehensive compliance provider across mobile, web, & apps that aligns with the DAA’s Mobile guidelines
  • Device recognition technologies across mobile devices

Download the white paper in order to start protecting your brand by ensuring OBA privacy compliance.

Companies that have launched TRUSTed Ads for mobile include: 4INFO, EA, Drawbridge, Forbes, Human Demand, Jiwire, Millennial Media, Nexage, Pubmatic, Sense Networks, Tapad, WebMD and xAd.