On this week of Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal connect with Ray Everett, Founding Member & Chief Privacy Intelligence Officer at Data Secrets, a company that develops solutions focused on identifying risk wherever applications are accessing your data — in the public cloud, in SaaS applications, and on-premise.

He has a long history working as a privacy professional, including at TrustArc, and was appointed as the first Internet-era Chief Privacy Officer in 1999 – starting with speaking on a U.S. Federal Trade Commission panel as a law student and moving into founding what is now the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

In this episode, we talk about APIs and SDKs – the benefits and challenges and managing them in a world that focuses on privacy and data protection.

This brings in the requirement for data inventories and visibility into the movement of data, which is critical to identify early if there has been a data breach or unauthorized data access.

Listen in as we explore mobile apps, AI, and external storage considerations.

The conversation ranges from Privacy by Design to DevOps, focusing on understanding the movement of data as well as why understanding the movement is important.

This week’s episode can be streamed below.

Data Secrets (with Ray Everett)