On this week of Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal connect with Romain Robert, the program director and a senior lawyer for noyb, who is actively participating in their research and litigation strategy.

Romain is also a member of the litigation chamber of the Belgian Data Protection Authority and previously worked as a legal advisor for the Belgian DPA and European Data Protection Supervisor.

The name Max Schrems should be familiar. And also, noyb – an acronym for None Of Your Business – probably sounds familiar.

Noyb is the consumer rights group founded by Max Schrems. Based in Vienna, this data protection watchdog likes to put major topics on the plate of the data protection authorities.

From forced consent to shady cookie banners and advertising in dating apps to international transfers. Learn what noyb is – and what it is not. (They are also hiring…)

Join us as we discuss the noyb cookie banner projectmembership in this entity, and several key enforcement actions, such as locatemyfamily.com and Rocketreach. We also touch on the class action case from

The Privacy Collective, and the Protonmail case order. This week’s episode can be heard on our website or streamed below.

Quite Magical: All About NOYB (with Romain Robert)