Where do you stand with privacy? Do you even know?

Regulatory changes are being introduced at a record pace. And the results of the TrustArc Privacy Benchmarks Report prove that organizations are moving fast to prioritize privacy management.

With this rapidly changing environment, knowing what to do to tackle privacy can be daunting.

Know Where You Stand with Privacy

The first step is knowing where you stand. 

TrustArc has just launched a new quiz to help you quickly understand if you should be getting A’s or if the alphabet soup of privacy laws is putting your business at risk.

Take the quiz to learn more and receive a personalized report. 

But don’t take our word for it. We surveyed 1,500 privacy and business leaders as part of our 2021 Benchmarks Survey and used that analysis to drive our new Where Do You Stand Quiz

So how are privacy leaders managing in this ever-changing landscape? 

The results from our Survey show that some companies’ strategic approaches to data privacy and security are evolving.

This year we found a greater shift to formal process implementation specific to privacy.

Another big takeaway?

Maintaining a privacy culture that permeates from the Board of Directors through the ranks and incorporating privacy into core business strategy are two critical differentiating trademarks for high scoring privacy leaders.

But how do you stack up against our benchmarks?

Take our quiz to know where you stand. Learn more